We need stars!

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Put your friends forward. Get your friends to put you forward. Put your favourite celeb froward. Yes, we need cast suggestions for the newest Entertainment Experience.

Casting Now for 3 roles: She-Vampire, He-Vampire, Vampire Slayer

Casting Now for 3 roles: She-Vampire, He-Vampire, Vampire Slayer

We need people who can

  • Act
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Leap and even Do Stunts

Sound like someone you know?

You? Your Friends? Your Neighbour? The roles are screaming out for you to help.

Let’s break it down:

We have exciting live performances with amazing stunts and special effects. So we need some key roles:


Strong, cunning, experienced way beyond her years. No, of course, they are her years. But dramatically attractive to most men and so used to getting her own way.

You don’t want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with this woman. She probably will bite.


This star of the show is equally impressive. He uses his strength and looks as a shield, keeping his real powers hidden. But when he unleashes, there can be lots of casualties!

Vampire Slayer

Every hero needs an arch enemy. Oh, didn’t we mention? Yep, the Vamps are the good guys. Slayer – guy or gal – has a big beef against the Vamps cos they keep getting in the way.

You know the story – billion dollar heists, major celeb kidnaps. And the Vamps ruin the plans. Over and again. But they are so hard to kill …

Full details at http://moganza.com


“Contender? Are You Ready?”

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Moganza - coming real soon

Moganza - coming real soon

We all know the words. But stand by because there’s a new game in town. And you could be a contender. In just a few short hours you will lean about a Moganza!

We just can’t tell you too much until the official launch. But don’t be surprised if you say, “Wow, I really want to do that!”

Stay tuned …

Moganza announces Vampire Opera casting

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It’s a rush in more ways than one. A new vampire movie with a wicked twist on who, what and why of vampire lore. And a rush because time is running out!

From now until January 5th 2011 – YES, THAT FAST – the public can recommend the three lead roles in the new music-movie mash-up Vampire Opera from Moganza Productions. And the rush is on for fans of all types, even fans of your own self!

What would a “Serious” Fan say?

There’s a new casting for a Vampire Opera. Run by Moganza they want three lead roles – He-Vampire, She-Vampire and Vampire Slayer. The twist is the Vamps are the good guys (and gals) and the Slayer is the baddie. Details are over at http://moganza.com and the site is open for anyone to submit cast names.

What would a “Super Fan” say?
Taylor for She-Vampire. Taylor for She-Vampire. Taylor for She-Vampire. Taylor for She-Vampire. Taylor for She-Vampire. Taylor for She-Vampire. Follow @TheMoganza and make it happen for Taylor. YAY.

What would a Film student say?
Might be a new opportunity for us in a new production .. it’s all online and needs three leads. Yea it’s vampires but they want to switch it up with the Vamps as good cops and the Slayer as the crook. Worth a look though cos the clips make it look a quality gig. http://moganza.com

And what would a Contender say?

I know if I get the opportunity I could be a brilliant vampire lead. They have this idea of a Vampire Slayer being the baddie and trying to kill the good Vamp cops. Reckon I’d slay it as the Slayer LOL. And no, I won’t say where it’s at – you’ll just have to find out yourself.  

Who’s your She-Vampire?

That’s just one of three important questions. You can recommend anyone you want.

Who’s your He-Vampire?

Of course we need to know that. Would you recomnmend an A-List celeb or a favoorite YouTube star?

Who’s your Vampire Slayer?

Your Best Friend Forever? You? Because everyone counts!

What date is urgent?

NOW! And good luck in the prize draw. All the details are at http://moganza.com